Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome to the gothbakery!

This blog will be about something I love to make! Goth and Halloween-inspired pastries!

I have for long wanted to have such a blog and now it's time!
Perhaps it will take a while before the design is fixed, I'm completely new to this domain.

Hope you want to stay!

Some old stuff you can take a look it while you wait. :D

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  1. great idea :) wish you a great start with your blog :)

  2. awesome, cant wait for you to start this! can you add tipps for where to find the spooky kitchen stuff from time to time, too (like bat/spider cookie cutters, black sugar etc?)


    1. Thank you :D
      Yes I could do that, but I buy all my stuff in sweden though :O I do know that there is a lot of great stuff on ebay but the shipping are more expensive than the actual item sadly!

  3. Oh mein goth ! I want to eat all your blog ! I'm so hungry now !!
    Your creations are so beautiful... they're also look good to eat ! :D